40 channel Trident Vector analog console at Supertone Records Studio, Valencia, Spain. Photo by Pedro Wessels © 2015
Simon Campbell Suzy Starlite Gabrielle Del Vecchio Supertone Records Studio
Supertone Records Studio - Paddock View, Estivella. Valencia. Spain. Photo by Suzy Starlite © 2016
Rega RP3 Turntable with Ortofon 2M Red cartridge & 'white' drive belt. Photo by Suzy Starlite © 2016
Bobby Starlite-Campbell (drummer) and Hummock Campbell (singer) at Supertone Records Studio. Photo by Suzy Starlite © 2015
Suzy Starlite and Simon Campbell. Photo by Cristina Tejeda © 2016

What we do

Supertone is passionate about music!

We run a world class, vintage, analog recording studio, operate an independent record label / publishing house plus manufacture a range of artisan products for guitar and bass. We also sell great coffee.

Our company and partners make every effort and care deeply about keeping the beautiful art form of analog music very much alive.

Who is involved?

Suzy Starlite and Simon Campbell are professional musicians with long careers of writing, performing, playing and producing; together they own Supertone.

Along with their labradors, Bobby and Hummock, they run a world class, mobile recording studio, primarily designed to record artists on the Supertone label but make it available to commercial clients for parts of the year.

They are at the hub of everything, but have many partners who contribute to the different strands of activity.

The Products

We love great guitar and bass sounds! Many years of buying and selling gear has inspired us to develop our own specialist range of products which include valve amplifiers, speaker cabinets, chassis speakers, cables and effects (FX) pedals.

With high quality and performance essential factors, we have assembled a team of artisan manufacturers & engineers and designers to make this a reality.

Dan Whitelock-Jones

Dan is the chief engineer and CEO of DWJ Amplification in Liverpool, UK who specialise in the building of handwired valve amplifiers and vintage effects pedals. He leads the design of the new Supertone guitar amplifier and pedal ranges.

The Recording Studio

In 2015, we set up the recording studio which is featured in detail on this site and there is a dedicated page about the Producers and Engineers who work with us in the studio.

The Record Label

Supertone Records is a small independent label based in London, but with a vintage analog recording studio in the Isle of Man where we record all our artists that share our creative ethos.

Whenever funds allow, our releases are available on vinyl, but regardless of the way you listen, they are all made with loving care bringing you the sound and pure essence of the artist, with no digital jiggery pokery.

Simon Campbell. Photo by Monica Bernal © 2015
Suzy Starlite. Photo by Monica Bernal © 2015
Andy Seward, Bass guitar, In-House Producer at Supertone Records Studio, Valencia. Spain.
James Mottershead, In-House Producer, Engineer at Supertone Records Studio, Valencia. Spain
Chris Taylor, In-House Engineer at Supertone Records Studio, Valencia. Spain.
Malcolm Burn
Dan Whitelock-Jones in his workshop at DWJ Amplification.
Jon Astley, Close to the Edge Mastering, working with Simon Campbell and Supertone Records, Valencia. Spain