Hand built amplifiers, speaker cabinets, effects pedals and cables.

DWJ Amplifier Board © Dan Whitelock-Jones 2016

Supertone and its partners have designed a range of Valve Amplifiers (for bass and guitar), FX pedals, Speaker Cabinets, Loudspeakers and cables. Everything is assembled and wherever possible manufactured in England.

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Guitar Amplifiers

The Liverpool

The ‘Liverpool’ represents three years research into an amplifier design based around an EL84 class A power section design and two quite different preamp stages: channel one with an EF86 tube and channel two with an ECC83 offering a wide variety of tones very simply dialled in.

As you would expect from the name and configuration the sound is very 60’s British but the unique twist is that you can achieve high levels of overdrive by ‘cascading’ the channels and using the ‘gravy’ and ‘thrust’ switches (yes really, they are called this).

Speakers are vitally important in any setup and Supertone have developed 10” and 12” units specifically for our amplifiers available in 1 x 12” (Larry), 2 x 10” (Andy), 2 x 12” (Eric) and 3 x 10” (Keith) configurations and the amplifier has speaker outputs for 4, 8 and 16 ohms so basically they can be used with virtually any configuration of cabinet.

We have used a minimum of components to retain the vintage feel and sound making your fingers the stars of the show.

They are built and designed by master engineer Dan Whitelock-Jones of DWJ Amplification in Liverpool, England who is working in collaboration with our very own tonemeister, session guitarist and music producer Simon Campbell.

So what's the spec?

  • Two independent channels linkable in series (cascade)
  • Voltage selector switch for use with 240V, 220V or 120V AC (50Hz)
  • Three speaker outputs set at 4, 8 and 16 Ohms
  • Two models: 18Watts or 35 Watts of class A power delivered by two / four EL84 tubes
  • Ultra quiet due to superior grounding and ground plane optimised design
  • Finest components, hand-wired on tag strip
  • Custom wound power and output transformers to Supertone specifications
  • Pre Amp output and Power Amp input specifically to be used with the external Supertone ‘Effects King’ gain impedance interface
  • Handmade cabinet, finger jointed 18mm baltic birch marine ply and available in two colours of tour grade tolex; black and chocolate
  • Hand selected and matched preamp and poweramp tubes

Read or download the manual for the full specification.

They will be ready for shipping in Summer 2017. If you want to keep up to date - subscribe to the product specific email list.

Speaker Cabinets

All our loudspeaker cabinets are handmade, finger jointed 18mm baltic birch marine ply and available in two colours of tour grade tolex with tough basket weave fronts.

There are two high quality ¼” jack sockets on the rear of the cabinet and fitted with an AmpClamp microphone mounting system so you don’t have to use a boom stand and the microphone will always be in the same place!

The cabinets are available fitted with either the Supertone Rich or Spark drivers custom designed and made for Supertone by Tayden Loudspeakers in England.


One twelve inch speaker. Controlled bass, defined mids and delightful sparkle to the top. The sweetest speaker you will ever hear.

  • Cabinet Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Cabinet Power Handling: 50W


Two twelve inch speakers give more power handling, low end and greater dispersion.

  • Cabinet Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohms
  • Cabinet Power Handling: 100W


Our favourite. Yes, it’s a little heavier but the three ten inch speakers certainly kick ass sitting perfectly in the mix of any band. Perfect with the 35W model.

  • Cabinet Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohms
  • Cabinet Power Handling: 150W


  • Premium quality super rugged aluminium road case
  • Natural brown leather covering
  • Oiled Hardwood Cabinet with hand cut dovetail joints

Read or download the manual for the full specification.

They will be ready for shipping in Summer 2017. If you want to keep up to date, subscribe to the product specific email list.


One of the most important items in a guitar or bass player's armoury are cables. They are the least expensive way to dramatically improve your tone.

Supertone MinCap cables are designed for the working musician. They are very robust with silent plugs (to prevent the crunch when you unplug) and ultra low capacitance cable making sure the full sound of your cherished instrument is sent to your amplifier; perfect for passive guitars and basses.


If you are using a guitar or bass with standard magnetic pickups the main issue for deterioration of your tone is the capacitance of the cable. The greater the capacitance per meter the more top end you will lose as essentially the cable is acting as a tone control; the longer the cable, the more top end roll off you will hear.

Almost all FX Pedals change the high impedance signal from the instrument to a low impedance signal which is not subject to deterioration by cable capacitance. So, provided the effect is turned on (i.e.and not bypassed) you do not need our Supertone MinCap cable to link your FX. If however you have a series of FX with true bypass and you sometimes bypass all the FX, you will need our cable on every connection and onto the amplifier.

Supertone has sourced the lowest capacitance cable in the world manufactured by SOMMER Cable in Germany. It is rugged and worthy of any stage. We have a choice of Neutrik angle or straight gold plated 'silent' jack plugs and as our cables are hand wired you can have what length you like!

Supertone MinCap-A

  • One Neutrik angled NP2X-AU-SILENT plug automatically mutes (shorts) an instrument (guitar/bass) cable to avoid pops and squeals when changing the instrument (guitar) under load. The integrated silent switch is based on REED-technology and guarantees a lifetime beyond 10,000 mating cycles. It features a rugged metal shell enhanced with a rubber cushion overlay for improved shock protection.
  • Up to 6m (customer specifies length) of the lowest capacitance cable currently available with a rugged rubber sheath. This provides the ultimate transmission of the signal from your guitar with almost zero loss
  • One black straight Neutrik NP2X-B

Supertone MinCap-S

As per Supertone MinCap-A but with a NP2RX-AU-SILENT straight plug suitable for recessed jack sockets such as on a Fender Stratocaster style guitar.


There are many suppliers of jack/jack patch cables out there suitable for the low impedance path (post an in-line effects unit). If however you want to keep everything Supertone, we can supply these to your specification using the finest SOMMER Cable and Neutrik Connectors, both manufactured in Germany.


  • Supertone LowImp cable with any combination of Neutrik angle or straight connectors (customer specifies length - no maximum)


We provide excellent quality oxygen free cable of the appropriate core diameter with a tough rubber sheath and connectors for your speaker wiring. As our cables are hand wired, you can have what length you like!

Our guitar amplifier cable is manufactured by SOMMER Cable in Germany to the highest specification. For guitar amplifier connections the internal conductor cores are 1.5 mm² and for bass amplifier connections 2.5 mm².


  • Supertone 15 Guitar amplifier speaker cable with Neutrik angle NP2RX, straight NP2C-BAG (customer specifies length)
  • Supertone 25 Bass amplifier speaker cable with any combination of Neutrik angle NP2RX, straight NP2C-BAG or SpeakON NP2C/B connectors (customer specifies length)
Sommer Sc Spirit Llx
Neutrik Np2 Rx
Sommer Meridian Mobile Sp215
Neutrik Np2X B
Neutrik Silent Switch E
Neutrik Np2 X Au Silent
Sola Tonebender 1 5

FX Pedals

There are literally thousands of FX pedals out there right now and everyone must think we are mad to release yet another. Well, these just 'ain't like any other pedal...

They are built and designed by master engineer Dan Whitelock-Jones of Liverpool, England in collaboration with our very own tonemeister, session guitarist and music producer Simon Campbell.

Together they have taken vintage designs and added a number of twists that:

  • make them compatible with other modern FX and switching systems
  • improve the usability when using modern and vintage amplifiers
  • improve, but not change, the basic 'vibe' of the pedal
  • make them look awesomely cool

As with the amplifier and cabinet designs, appearance and durability are really important to us; we are working closely with talented artisan carpenter, Ollie French, regarding the design and manufacture of the hardwood boxes.

So, what about the range? Well in addition to the guitar players staples of boosters, fuzz's, overdrive's and tremolo's, Dan and Simon are working on a few exciting and innovative models which may well be the answer to many guitar players problems.

They will be ready for shipping in Summer 2016. If you want to keep up to date, subscribe to the product specific email list.

Simon Campbell and Steve Gibson at Peter Rock Club, Valencia. Photo by Simon Taylor © 2016

Simon Campbell

Singer-songwriter, guitar player and music producer: British Blues Award Nominee, 2011. Member of Starlite Campbell Band and joint owner of Supertone Records. 

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Dan Whitelock-Jones in his workshop at DWJ Amplification.

Dan Whitelock-Jones

Dan is the owner of DWJ Amplification. Having learned his craft by interrogating many of the great tv / amplifier service technicians and engineers, he is chief designer of the Supertone range of FX Pedals and amplifiers.

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