As a creative company, we have a stream of artists, musicians, producers and engineers coming through our doors. This page shows a summary of our music based podcasts, photos and videos of our clients, live shows, the studio, equipment, products, friends and anything else that catches our eye!

Episode 14

Suzy and Simon chat about Jimmy Miller, one of the unsung heros of production, who worked with Blind Faith, Rolling Stones and Spencer Davies Group on their biggest hit records.

1h 9m 1 Oct 17

Episode 13

Suzy and Simon talk about the legendary Mike Vernon, one of the architects of the British Blues explosion in the 60's.

1h 8m 5 Apr 17

Episode 12

Supertone’s Suzy Starlite and Simon Campbell chat about the work of legendary producer and engineer Tom Dowd. The show features a glimpse into his work and innovations!

1h 34m 9 May 16

Episode 11

Supertone’s Suzy Starlite and Simon Campbell chat about the work of legendary producer, engineer, musician and composer Sir George Martin. The show features music from many of the top albums he has composed and produced!

1h 16m 10 Apr 16

The Starlite Campbell Band: A taste of Blueberry Pie

A few succulent slices of Blueberry from the new critically acclaimed British Blues Album by The Starlite Campbell Band

4m 58s 13 Mar 17

Mixing Ricardo Valverde's New Jazz Album at Supertone!

Working on the mix of the new jazz album by Ricardo Valverde at Supertone with Javier Vercher and Simon Campbell. Recorded at Pannonica Studios, Valencia, Spain.

34s 27 Feb 17

Starlite Campbell Band: I Need A Light

The second track by the Starlite Campbell Band's from critically acclaimed album, Blueberry Pie. Buy now direct from the band:, iTunes or Amazon

4m 22s 17 Feb 17

Starlite Campbell Band LIVE

This is a live version of the opening track of the bands debut album Blueberry Pie released on February 1, 2017. Available now from, iTunes and Amazon worldwide.

6m 30s 1 Feb 17