Starlite Campbell Band at the Tuesday Night Music Club. Photo by Haydn Hart © 2018

Suzy and Simon initially set up the Supertone Records label to distribute their own music, but later decided to open it up to other like-minded artists.

Having been bitten by big labels in the past, they wanted to make sure that Supertone artists retain as much of the money that comes through the door as possible. There are no written contracts, simply relying on trust and honesty (holy moly).

Most music produced by Supertone is released on vinyl, but regardless of the way you listen, it's made with loving care, bringing you the sound and pure essence of the artist with no digital jiggery pokery.

So, here you will find all our artists with links to music, photos, videos and the ability to support them sustainably by subscribing.

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Electrolite 12" EP Sleeve, Supertone Records


Electrolite is an 80's synth dance band who released their first EP in May 2014 on Supertone Records.

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Starlite Campbell Band Logo (Tight)

Starlite Campbell Band

The Starlite Campbell Band released their debut British Blues album Blueberry Pie to huge critical acclaim worldwide. In November 2017 it was Nominated for a European Blues Award in the Best Album / Recorded Session Category.

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Simon Campbell and Steve Gibson at Peter Rock Club, Valencia. Photo by Simon Taylor © 2016

Simon Campbell

Singer-songwriter, guitar player and music producer: British Blues Award Nominee, 2011. Member of Starlite Campbell Band and joint owner of Supertone Records.

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Suzy Starlite of the Starlite Campbell Band at the Met, Bury. Photo by Dario Leonetti © 2018

Suzy Starlite

Suzy is a bass player, songwriter, vocalist, session musician, member of the Starlite Campbell Band and joint owner of Supertone Records.

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