Suzy Starlite of the Starlite Campbell Band at the Met, Bury. Photo by Dario Leonetti © 2018

As an artist

It was difficult to graduate and ‘not’ be in a band after studying Media & Performance at Salford University in the 90’s.

It was here, inside the walls of the old Adelphi building with its maze of basement recording studios, labyrinthine corridors and intense creative energy where Suzy met Tim Allen (of the band K), John Smith (John Lennon Songwriting Award Winner) and Alan Lowles (session musician of ‘I am Kloot’ and Airtight Studios).

Together they formed folk/rock band Megiddo and released their debut EP of original songs ‘On the Outside’ in 1996, featuring two acoustic guitars, a mandolin and fretless bass. The band were regulars on the the UK Folk Circuit featuring at The Mean Fiddler, London, Band on the Wall, Winchester Folk Festival, Middlewich Folk & Boat Festival and Monmouth Music Festival to name a few.

Due to other music-related work commitments, Megiddo disbanded in 1997 and Suzy formed a new project band ‘Trade’ with Tim Allen, fusing acoustic folk/rock with electronica. Their debut gig saw them headline at Manchester’s Night & Day and then, under the moniker of ‘Starlite’, perform at Norfolk’s Eastern Haze Festival and across Manchester.

As well as their music being syndicated by one of the UK’s largest cinema chains, the band was also invited to record an original arrangement of the 60’s classic ‘Georgy Girl’ for London record label, Future Legend Records. It was released on CD and vinyl as part of their critically acclaimed cult series ‘Themes from the Sixties.’

Following a move to the Isle of Man in 2009 Suzy started working with musician and producer Simon Campbell. She was soon out playing the live circuit with her band ‘Starlite’, featuring all her own original songs, including Mannifest, the island’s largest outdoor three day festival; this time with a full band and a rockier edge to the music.

In 2014, Suzy moved to Valencia with her now husband Simon where they continued to write and record, releasing their ambient piece Happiness in Halos, having also worked in the studio and performed on Simon’s 2014 album, The Knife, co-writing the track Do You Want Me.

That year also changed her life in a massive way when Suzy became completely addicted to playing bass guitar. She has already worked as a session musician in the recording studio and recently played bass in Simon’s band on his 2015 UK tour. Following the tour they formed the Starlite Campbell Band.

Suzy and Simon have been writing furiously, co-writing a healthy catalogue of songs which could fill up the next three albums and finished recording their debut album, 'Blueberry Pie' in November 2016 which was released released on 1st February, 2017 to staggering critical acclaim. It was nominated for Best Album in the 2017 European Blues Awards.

In September 2018 she was featured in Bass Guitar Magazine with a front cover mention and in depth interview about all things bass!

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Suzy Starlite at Peter Rock Club, Valencia. Photo by Simon Taylor © 2016

Gear / Equipment

Suzy is totally passionate about her sound and has already collected some great gear!


  • Mike Lull V4 Bass with Lindy Fralin pickups
  • Fender Precision Bass (vintage 1974)
  • Gretsch Thunder Jet Short Scale with TV Jones pickups
  • Fylde King John Acoustic bass with Headway pickup

Amps & Cabinets

  • HiWatt DR201 200W valve head (vintage 1973)
  • Supertone 200W valve bass head by Matamp
  • Bergantino NV610 Cabinet (no tweeter)
  • MarkBass Mini Mark III
  • Bergantino HDN112 Cabinet


Synthesisers & keyboards

FX & Accessories

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As a session musician and producer

Suzy is co-owner of Supertone Records and together with Simon, set up their world class residential recording facility in the mountains close to Valencia in November 2014; at the heart of which is a 40 channel Trident Vector analog console.

Following the success of the album, they decided to relocate to Germany and set a pop up studio. This both serves their needs as artists and producers but also has limited availability for selected commercial clients.

Suzy manages the Starlite Campbell Band and heads marketing also assisting with production / engineering, especially as a vocal coach.

She was the assistant producer and engineer for 'Blueberry Pie, the award nominated and critically acclaimed album by her band.

Suzy has played bass / added backing vocals on a number of sessions for The Mighty Revelators, Supertone artist Joe Marshall and the Ground Pilots.