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Latest videos

Supertone Studio Reverb Chamber #1

This is a demo of one of three reverb chambers in the building. Analog and old school...

1m 47s 12 Apr 16

Super quick tour of the Supertone Studio

A dash around the facility showing the equipment, live and control rooms, location, accommodation and grounds!

12m 12s 4 Apr 16

Van Weelden Twinkleland Amplifier

This is demonstration of the Van Weelden Twinkleland Amplifier by Simon Campbell recorded at our vintage analog recording studio.

3m 37s 27 Feb 16

Simon Campbell playing Duane Allman's ES 335

Simon Campbell playing Duane Allman's actual ES 335 at Wildwood Guitars, Louisville, USA. Video by Jim Drake of Drake Guitars.

1m 54s 14 Feb 16

Ground Pilots

A video from our friends GROUNDPILOTS who came to record at the Supertone Studio in August 2015.

5m 22s 2 Feb 16


Poem written by Suzy Starlite. Filmed by Suzy, performed and recorded by Simon Campbell.

0m 48s 1 Feb 16

Supertone Merry Christmas

A very Merry Christmas to all our family and friends. Have a great time; be nice to each other and we hope you will join us in wishing that in 2016, every fucker out there will stop fighting.

0m 55s 24 Dec 15

Mighty Licks #7 Blues-Rock Guitar Demo

A new series of bite-sized Blues-Rock guitar demos from Simon Campbell, featuring the Van Weelden 'Twinkleland' amplifier.

1m 20s 16 Dec 15