Starlite Campbell Band Nominated for Best Album in the European Blues Awards

Voting has just opened in this year's European Blues Awards (2017) with a great opportunity for music fans and supporters of the Starlite Campbell Band to help nominate the band in the five categories that are open to the public vote.

The process is free and easy.

By Email

Send a quick email to:

The five categories are:

  1. Best Guitarist
  2. Best Band
  3. Best Vocalist (male) 
  4. Best Vocalist (female)
  5. Best Musician (performance)

By Twitter

Tweet or send a direct message to @BluesHour and name the category and name of person/band PLUS include the hashtag #BluesHour

Our Twitter monikers:

Of course any publicity like this is fantastic for giving leverage to play more shows worldwide so we can meet you all in person and help fund the next record!

Thank you for your support!

Blueberry Pie the worldwide critically acclaimed album by the Starlite Campbell Band available now on Supertone Records - a fresh taste of British Blues!

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