Maddy Myers of the wonderful Moon Panda
Maddy Myers and Gustav Moltke of Moon Panda whilst recording their latest EP at Supertone Records. Maddy Myers recording with Moon Panda at Supertone Records. Photo by Simon Campbell © 2017
Gustav Moltke of the wonderful Moon Panda
Maddy Myers, Jonathan Perry recording the new Moon Panda EP at Supertone Records. Maddy Myers recording with Moon Panda at Supertone Records. Photo by Simon Campbell © 2017

Something like Bon Iver meets Beach House with a twist of Bjork, Moon Panda are a duo based in London comprising Maddy Myers and Gustav Moltke.

Executive Producer, Stephen Webber chose Supertone to track the EP for its relaxing environment, fine array of vintage amps, guitars, microphones, outboard, Trident Vector 432 console and general analog sensibilities.

Drums and loops were provided by the wonderful Jonathan Perry who flew in from Boston for the sessions. The Producer was John Broaddus who was using his mastery of arrangements, Ableton, loops and instruments to add subtle nuances to the songs.

Our very own Simon Campbell engineered the sessions, bringing has vast experience of recording drums, guitars and bass.

It was a truly international affair with Maddy from Southern California, Gustav from Denmark, Stephen and John from Missouri, Simon from Manchester, UK and Johnathan from Boston!

Moon Panda

While most regard only what directly concerns them, there are few unafraid who try to notice the entirety of it all. In an effort to find beauty in the mundane, Moon Panda front woman, Maddy Myers, integrates essential moments that too often go unnoticed into music that is both alien and familiar.

Lyrics that are vulnerable yet express strength in their honesty foster a genuine intimacy between the listener and song. Reminiscent of the dreamy soundscapes heard in Beach House, the music of Moon Panda is tender while still capable of unleashing energy. Lush harmonies akin to Bon Iver weave through metallic guitars and dense drums, creating walls of sound that engulf the listener in waves.

Her voice innately connects to the heart, comforting us through feelings we have trouble facing. Through songs that flow like streams of consciousness, she makes evident the abundance of life found in the details of our day. We relate to her not because she gives us a voice, but because she helps us find our own.

Moon Panda presents a unique blend of European and dreamy Californian influence. She contributes vocals and bass, as well as being the main songwriter and leader of the group, and grew up in San Diego, California.

Reaching across the world from Denmark to Boston, Gustav Moltke, the guitarist, keyboardist, and occasional singer, deploys his guitar as a stealth device, a heat-seeking missile. It sneaks up on you, and startles you at times. What seems like a synth line, twinkly glockenspiel, or atmospheric pedal steel might turn out to be a processed guitar.

Gustav adds this enigmatic element that sets their music apart from the rest, being the perfect addition to a truly unique.

Below is a track from the band's last EP...

Maddy Myers of the wonderful Moon Panda
Maddy Myers recording with Moon Panda at Supertone Records. Photo by Simon Campbell © 2017

What did they think of the Supertone Experience?

"Just spent nine days living and recording at Supertone and already miss it.

Beautiful and peaceful location in the Spanish countryside, top notch studio with amazing retro amps, guitars, an organ, a theremin (!!), and many other things that lend to a unique and genuine sound.

Simon and Suzy were beyond lovely and did everything to make us feel welcome, comfortable, and ready to record. Extra star for the cozy mood lighting, wide selection of vinyl, and flowing wine each evening. Will definitely be back!"

Maddy Myers: Moon Panda

"Spent a little over a week at Supertone in January 2017 working with the band Moon Panda. We had incredible accommodation while we were there.

Both Simon and Suzy were so great fun to be around, and it was truly a pleasure having Simon running the board everyday. He is very passionate and dedicated to getting great results and recordings.

Between the expertise, pristine and unique gear collection, and the studio itself, you can't go wrong at Supertone."

Jonathan Perry: Session drummer & programmer, Moon Pana