Joe Marshall movin' on...

Joe Marshall came to us as a traveller, with backpack and guitar to record some music. He left as a good friend and the first external artist to be released on Supertone...

With his roots and family in New Zealand, Joe Marshall plays what could be a blended fruit bowl of indie, blues, folk and americana. Having spent time living on both the west and east coast of the United States, Joe has developed his songwriting to include touches of places and nostalgia.

Joe began performing in Auckland with Rumble Edge Line, releasing two EP’s and frequently performing as a lively three and subsequently four piece jangling crew with lots of delay, distortion and drums. Since leaving New Zealand shores, he has continued to make music, however now inevitably more acoustic, the songwriting is inspired from relationships and places he has left his hat during travels and time away from home.

In 2015, Joe recorded a six track EP with Matt Bayles in Seattle. A short one day introspective affair with guitar and voice. A different mood to his previous writing with Rumble Edge Line which had focused on moving and being one step ahead with yourself.

Now based in Europe, Joe plays music with others when he can find it, and has recently recorded as a solo artist at Supertone Records, Spain having fortuitously found his way with some underprepared travel plans.

Joe is avid music fan and has interests everywhere. He is a singer and a happy wannabe rapper if he gets the chance.

On the latest EP, 'She Said No', he mixes what could be remnants from the two phases of his recording thus far with a little more subtle instrumentation and trying to find a balance between singer songwriter music and something with more interest for the listener.

It is good, very good. His voice has that brokenness you associate with early Bob Dylan and Tom Waits. The lyrics and melodies both amuse and make you think...

We had to release his music through our label!

Unusually, he has almost no internet presence, so, you will have to wait to see what happens!

We will send regular updates on Joe and our other artists, so if you want to find out what's happening, please subscribe and mail us if you would like to contact him direct.

Joe Marshall at Supertone Records Studio. Photo by Simon Campbell © 2016

Before Joe left he said:

"Alright let's get this straight. This place is incredible. To start the town is great, Estivella is a happy little place. If you're into Spanish villages, bread, smiles and a hilarious little community bar; then this is the right place.

The studio. If you're into a relaxed, easy going place with a pool, full beer fridge, excellent cooking and probably the best recording live room and equipment you’re likely to stumble upon; then this is the right place.

Finally, the people. If you like to laugh, cook, discuss (anything) and also have the most passionate and professional people workin' the tunes; then this is the right place. Putting it straight, get down to Supertone, make music, have a laugh and eat better than you are right now."