Chris Taylor working at Supertone Records Studio. Photo by Simon Campbell © 2015

Chris is an experienced engineer and musician. A regular face at Supertone specialising in recording guitar-based music, from blues to death metal. He also has a fine beard...

Recently establishing ‘NoiseBoy Studios’ near MediaCityUK, he specialises in guitar-based music, from blues to death metal.

Chris trained at the School of Sound Recording in Manchester and is a certified Digidesign (now AVID) VENUE Operator. After graduating in 2011, he gained valuable industry experience as an assistant at Gracieland Studio, Rochdale - where he received his first professional credit on Simon’s album ‘Thirty Six’.

Recent highlights include recording and mixing of Dominic Halpin and the Honey B’s’ swing covers album ‘Slick’ and the debut album from metal/punk band ‘Wolfbastard’, which has been receiving very positive reviews on the underground music scene.

A self-confessed audio geek, Chris loves trying out new gear and techniques and still gets excited by the recording process.

Last summer, Chris spent a week at Supertone to assist in engineering tracking sessions for the new Starlite-Campbell record and was thrilled by the opportunity to work on the Trident Console and utilise the extensive microphone locker.