Ales Cesarini. Photo by Antonio Porcar Cano © 2016

Ales Cesarini is an Italian Double Bass player and composer living in Valencia, Spain. His latest album Nyabinghi was recorded and produced by Supertone artist Javier Vercher who chose Simon Campbell to mix the record here at Supertone.

Born in Rome and now living in Valencia, Spain, Ales began his classical double bass studies with Francisco Roche at the Valencia Conservatory and then studied modern music.

He has participated in different jazz seminars since 2000 and professionally has performed with artists of very different styles (jazz, African music, Argentine folklore, flamenco, reggae, contemporary, electronic, latin jazz, Brazilian music) such as Bitty Mclean, Big Youth, Kiddus I, Perico Sambeat, Greg Hopkins, Alpheus, Dave Barker, Spanish Brass Luur Metals, and Albert Sanz among others. He has recorded records with Elma Sambeat, Xperimental Shop, Sedajazz Bigband, Thaïs Morell, The X, Kontxi Lorente, Nacho Maño, etc.

Nyabinghi: Ales Cesarini with Payoh Soul Rebel

Double Bassist and composer Ales Cesarini presents his debut album as a band leader, Nyabinghi.

The album looks at the different ways of understanding music, without any prejudices, using his experience in world music and reggae to reach tangentially to jazz...

He introduces the magnificent voice and speech of the singer Payoh Soul Rebel and together with a group of outstanding jazz and reggae musicians have created a totally unique record.


  • Double Bass: Ales Cesarini
  • Vocals: Payoh Soul Rebel (Sergio León)
  • Drums: Pere Munuera
  • Percussion: David Gadea
  • Keyboards: Babtiste Bailly
  • Saxophone: Javier Vercher
  • Recording by: Javier Vercher at Pannonnica Studio, Valencia, Spain
  • Producer: Javier Vercher
  • Mixed by: Simon Campbell at Supertone Records, Estivella, Spain
  • Mastering: Pablo G. Schuller